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Google Chrome now support Adobe Flash Player

In Google’s most recent stable release of Google Chrome, they talked about beta-testing Adobe Flash Player integration into Chrome. They’ve enable this integration by default in the stable channel of Chrome. To read more about this integration, check out the Chromium blog.

In testing Flash Player integration into Chrome, the Chrome team admittedly spent many, many fun hours with a few of our favorite Flash-based indie games. So as a side project, they teamed up with a few creative folks to build Chrome FastBall, a Flash-based game built on top of the YouTube platform.

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eCommerce Web Site Building: Where Do I Start?

Building a web site isn’t something that is really cut and dry. There’s a huge variety of products and services that can either help you get your web site where you want it or simply confuse you. It’s also important that you make the right choices upfront so that you don’t end up having to restructure your whole web site because of some problem in your design layout. The level of time investment necessary for mastery in a lot of these software packages can range from little to a VERY significant amount. Because of this I feel it’s important to be lead in the “right” direction to make sure you don’t spend time in the wrong areas, or learning some software that might not be all that useful for you later on (*coughs* Frontpage *coughs*).

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Is PDF Optimization End To SEO

On April 18th 2005, Adobe announced that it was going to acquire Macromedia.

Besides delivering a critical blow to competitive balance of two highly recognized and respected companies, it’s inadvertently created a new form of optimization.

The main technology that Adobe wanted from Macromedia was Flash. Now that we have it, we will be able to incorporate all the power of Flash in to a PDF. With one fell swoop, we have changed the face of search engine optimization.

That’s right. PDF optimization.

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Adobe Flash Platform comes to Digital Home

Adobe is bringing Flash and HD content into your living rooms via set-top boxes, Blu-Ray players and other Internet-capable equipment. If you’re thinking it’s going to be a small or niche market participating in this program, think again — content providers already on board include Atlantic Records, Comcast, Disney Interactive, Intel, Netflix and even The New York Times amongst many others. The Adobe Flash Platform for Digital Home is available right now for OEMs and will be hitting System on Chip vendors in the latter half of 2009 ensuring all of your favorite Flash-based web content, videos, applications and services will become accessible to screens beyond just the computer. Of course, we have all been expecting this since Adobe first began moving forward with the Open Screen Project but we’re pretty excited about this coming digital technology and the fact that so many big industry players are involved. Hit the jump for additional details and information.

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Adobe confirms Flash for iPhone in the works; Apple is assisting

Steve Jobs once said that Flash on the iPhone would be a bad move as it is extremely resource heavy and that Flash Lite doesn’t have what it takes to make for an enjoyable web experience. Adobe on the other hand, wasn’t all that interested in what Steve said because it was only a few months ago it signaled its intentions to bring Flash to the iPhone. The problem was Apple wasn’t involved in the process and it was highly unlikely that it would approve anything to do with Flash unless it was directly involved in the process. This week in Switzerland, Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen was feeling pretty talkative and finally let the official cat out of the bag by saying that both Adobe and Apple are working together to make Flash a reality for the iPhone platform. Admitting the process of porting a reliable version of Flash to the iPhone is no easy task, Narayen was confident that having both Adobe and Apple work on the project together would be the key to success. One of the largest questions that remains is whether or not Flash will be coded into the iPhone’s firmware or if it will be a specific Flash-enabled web browser available in the App Store. The latter, however, is highly unlikely given the fact that the two companies are finally working together – you can be sure Apple won’t let Adobe steal the spotlight.

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